Your Access to Success Series: Part 1

Wealthy Affiliates Review

From an Insider’s Perspective:


If you would have told me 6 months ago, after nearly a year invested with “no” results that I would be writing this review; I would have said you were “crazy”.

I tried so many different “programs” and paid a lot of money to several different online marketing platforms, and all I learned was; that even when you learn “nothing”…the bills keep coming in…!

Disillusioned… I let go of my “dream”…

6 months ago, after several failed attempts at creating my first website and blog, while “paying” for the training and support that I “never” received; I gave up and stepped away. My dream of owning my online business was shattered.

Still looking for an opportunity…

Although I feared my “dream” had died… late one night when I was “surfing” the net, looking for a Work At Home (WAH) opportunity where I would be “paid”, and didn’t have to try to build an online presence, create anything, or “pay” for services without first making a dime… I discovered Wealthy Affiliates…!

What made me stop and take a look?

Although I was “looking” for WAH opportunities…I have owned my own “brick-and-mortar” businesses for far too long to really want a B.O.S.S. (it’s a 4 letter work you know)… I must admit…I have tried a few different WAH’s, and they were okay…it just wasn’t really for me… I am just really tired of “someone else” determining what I am “worth”…know what I’m saying…? It was all about the “timing”; so I decided to do the homework and check it out.

Here is what I discovered…

Wealthy Affiliates (W.A.) was created in 2005 by Kyle and Carson. With an online community in excess of 200,000 members from “all corners” of the world, W.A. is easily one of the highest rated online network and training facilities available…to everyone… anywhere!

Okay, sounds good so far…What’s it gonna “cost” me…?

I “know” you are NOT going to believe this…but the starter membership which includes (2) forever free websites using their “domain”, free hosting, an “unmatched” training platform which will teach you step-by-step… “everything” you need to know to successfully launch a “sustainable” website, and 24/7/365 support with Live Chat and Discussion Threads on every conceivable subject you could ever think of… and ALL of THIS will cost you $0.00

Pros and Cons…


It “works” if you work it…! You have access to “everything” you need to be successful for Zero ($0.00). There is an entire “community” of like-minded people who only want to help you succeed…! You can be as “successful” as you WANT to be…Nobody is going to tell you to “hound” friends and family and run yourself “ragged” chasing a “downline”…


This program is not for everyone…it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, or a pyramid. There are NO empty promises of untold “riches” if you only pay… And if you WANT to be successful, you are gonna hafta’ work for it…!

What’s Next…?

I “know’ you trust me to give you the unpolished “truth”…But don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself…!

Sign up for your FREE MEMBERSHIP HERE…

Look at the training, participate in discussions, ask questions and build a website…All for $0.00.

CLICK HERE and send me a message…Then come back here for Part 2 in the Access to Success Series…!

You’re “Home” Now……..

Blessings, Cheryl

  1. Hi Cheryl thanks for sharing your story, I,m sorry about hear about all the scams though.

    I was lucky to have found Wealthy Affiliate before deciding to join other programs and stuck with it ever since.

    I believe this is where we can get real high quality training even as a free member.

  2. Hi Lucas,
    Thank you for looking at my Review of Wealthy Affiliate. It is truly amazing how many “training” programs there are out there that just take your money and you haven’t learned anything…! You are so fortunate to have found WA straight away; If I had found WA a year ago I would have a really successful online business by now…Oh well, what will be will be…and now I have some “serious ground” to make up on my journey to success…!
    Wishing you great success on your journey…
    Blessings, Cheryl

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