Working online from home is not only “possible”, it is attainable…

With the world and the concept of employment “shifting” from the traditional 9-5 work-a-day world many new online opportunities have been created. Having the opportunity to work online from home has completely changed not only my concept of “work”…but has transformed into a career that I look forward to doing EVERY day…! Finding a legitimate opportunity to work at home can be a challenge if you are unsure how to work from home, or find the best work at home jobs that are a good fit for your interests, background and skill level.

I have had several different work at home ( W.A.H )  jobs over the past decade, and they were “okay”, but doing customer service and helping people gain access to their “locked” accounts and solving their billing issues just wasn’t fun or challenging…but you “gotta pay the bills”… So, I kept researching and trying different training platforms and methods while “paying” people to teach me…that didn’t work out so well but I really didn’t want to “work” for anyone else…so I learned my lessons and kept looking for the right opportunity that I just “knew” was out there…

Perhaps it is the “Scorpio” in me that makes me so strong-willed, but I was determined to  find “exactly” what I was looking for. 

It took me a long time to realize that until I did “one” thing, I would continue “spinning my wheels”. That one thing I found out was that you have to ask yourself; “What is MY Passion”…? THAT is what was “missing”, and why I was having difficulty finding my place, and knowing where I belonged in this new “life plan”. Once I did “that”, everything started to fall into place…!

So, that is where I am going to end this post…for now.

I want you to really think about what interests you. You will discover your passion when you reflect on what makes you “happy”, to the degree that when you are “doing” that, or “learning” more about that subject it seems “effortless” and brings you joy…! It doesn’t even matter what it is… That can become your “online business”, and I am going to help you create it…I would really love to hear from you, and have you “share” what your passion is…!

Please leave a post below and/or any questions, comments or concerns you may have…You’re dream begins today…! What’s holding you back…?

The next post will cover how to create a ” sustainable business” from your passion…with $0.00 invested…

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon…

Blessings, Cheryl

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